International Choir Competition
Zadar ~ Croatia
May 25th to 28th, 2023

Rules of competition via video recordings

Choirs may also compete via video recordings in three categories:

  • Category A: mixed choirs (at least 16 singers)
  • Category B: men’s or women’s choirs (at least 16 singers)
  • Category C: vocal ensembles (maximum 12 singers)

Obligatory parts of choirs’ programmes are:

  • One composition of a composer born in the 16th century or earlier
  • One composition of the contemporary choral expression
  • One composition from the choir’s national repertoire of music production
  • One or more compositions to the choir’s choice

It is recommended that choirs perform one composition by a Croatian author.

Duration of choir programmes is limited within the range of 12 minutes (minimum) to 18 minutes (maximum), starting from the beginning of the first composition until the end of the last composition. Choirs that do not meet this requirement shall be awarded negative points.

A video recording of the choir is required in which sound is integrated, clear and audible, and the recording is done in a space with no echo. The performances of the choir and the conductor must be entirely visible and all singers must be encompassed by the camera. The performance is to be recorded live and without later corrections. All compositions of the competition programme are performed in sequence and without interruptions in recording. The recording shall not be older than 90 days from the day of the beginning of the Competition and shall be sent no later than 21 days before the beginning of the Competition. Recordings that do not meet these requirements shall not be taken into consideration.

All choirs with the final total score ranging from 70 to 79,99 points will be awarded the Third prize; those from 80 to 89,99 points will be awarded the Second prize, and those from 90 to 100 points will be awarded the First prize. The remaining choirs will receive certificates of participation.

Conductors receive the corresponding set of awards.

The Jury reserves the right to award special awards to choirs and/or conductors.

All compositions are performed in the language of the original and à capella.

The organizer reserves the right to publish sound and image recordings during the Competition.

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